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      Boys, he said, and his voice, musical and low, rang out so that every one could hear it and note the thrill of emotion which vibrated in its even tones, Esmeraldas come back! Quiet! Yes, shes come back as she promised. Englands all very well; but when youve once lived in the free air of Three Star you kind of pine after it. And Esmeralda was almost born here. Shes come back, and shes come to stay!


      Oh! Im all right, said Norman; roughing it suits me, and Ive had a very good time of it, take it all together. His face clouded for a moment, for he was thinking of Three Star and the girl he had met there.I shall not forget you, he said, hoarsely. Her anguish, her utter abandon, was torture to him. He forgot that he was just married to a girl who loved him with all her pure hearts passionate devotion; at that moment he remembered only this woman whom he had loved and who still loved him.