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      "Wot sort o' things do you paint?""But I daren't tell him where you've agone."

      Up till then Robert had never troubled much about money. He did not want to buy books like Albert and Richard, neither did he care for drinking in Rye pubs with fishermen like Jemmy. But now everything was changed. He wanted money for Bessie. He wanted to marry her, and he must have money for that, no matter how meanly they started; and also he wanted to give her treats and presents, to cheer the dullness of her life. Reuben had indeed been wise in trying to keep the girls away from his sons!On the day the prohibitory writ left London, a small iron box, with a superscription, addressed to Thomas Calverley, was left by a stranger at Sudley Castle, and immediately after, by another messenger, a packet, in which, within many envelopes, a key was concealed. Calverley, naturally concluding that this key belonged to the box he had just received, with a variety of perplexing conjectures, unlocked it, and beheld the crimson damask dress of a pursuivant, on which the royal arms were embroidered in gold, and beneath the dress a purse of gold coin and a scroll of parchment, on which the following was written, evidently in a disguised hand:

      "That's what strikes me as so pathetic."

      "Oh! hereI forgot the wine," said Bridget, handing in a large jug, and then again returning with a number of drinking cups and another measure of wine. Turner placed the liquor on the table, and was just filling some of the cups, when Stephen Holgrave, Thomas Sack, and three others, pushed open the door, and, after a brief salutation, took their seats at the table.

      "My liege," said Newton, as the horseman neared the royal train, "that man is Wat Tyler."

      "Of course, if you can manage it without us being spotted."


      Chapter 15I should like to know a little more about your family trouble, he said. Any other children beside yourself? I remember you once told me your mother was a widow.


      Reuben listened as if in a nightmarethe blood in his veins seemed to turn to ice. He could hardly believe his ears.


      "It's larment?able to see an old feller lik that all al?an, wudout friend nor kin."