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      And the last enemy to be destroyed is Love.Richard felt almost proud of his parent.

      July passed. Odiam was no longer cut off from the rest of the world by lime. Reuben with the courage of despair began to organise his shattered strength. He discharged Pipernow that his cows were gone he could easily do with a hand less. He sometimes wondered why he had not discharged Handshut, but the answer was always readyHandshut was far the better workman, and Odiam now came easily before Rose. Not that Reuben's jealousies had left himthey still persisted, though in a different form. The difference lay in the fact that now he would not sacrifice to them the smallest scrap of Odiam's welfare.This, though the last of Mrs Fysons misdeeds, was not the first, and Mrs Keeling almost forgot the duty of thankfulness for blessings when she remembered that dreadful occasion. Shortly after Norahs final appearance in the evening, Mrs Fyson had called, and under the pretext of a digestion-visit after her dinner had hissed out a series of impertinent questions as to how it had all ended. Fool though she might be, Mrs Keeling was not of that peculiarly hopeless sort that confides domestic difficulties to the ears of gossips, and had with some appearance of astonishment merely said that she and Miss Propert had had a very pleasant chat while Mr Keeling was telephoning for a cab to take Miss Propert home. On which Mrs Fyson had looked exactly like a ferret and said, Did he bring her into your drawing-room? That was very clever!{179}

      Well, I hope hell get a good meal this evening, said Mrs Keeling. Hes taking his supper with us.

      Well, what Mamma will do unless you help her this Christmas, is more than I can tell, she said. Coal is up now to winter prices, and Mammas cellar is so small that she cant get in enough to last her through. And its little enough that I can do for her, for with John at home its like having two young lions to feed, and how to save from the house-money you give me I dont see. I dare say it would be better if Mamma got rid of Blenheim for what it would fetch and went into furnished lodgings.

      Alice went once more to the window, and lifted the curtain. There was an oblong of light in the window above his study. She kissed her hand to {115}it, and once more said aloud, Good-night, Mr Cuthbert.... But it would have been juster if she had wished him a nightmare.


      Then he went out, and gave Handshut a week's notice.Richard began to take a new interest in his flockhitherto they had merely struck him as grotesque. Their pale silly eyes, their rough, tic-ridden fleeces, their scared repulsiveness after the dipping, their bewildered nakedness after the shearing, had filled him either with amusement or disgust; but now, when he saw them weakly lick the backs of their new-born lambs, while the lambs' little tails quivered, and tiny, entreating sounds came from their mouths, he found in them a new beauty, which he had found nowhere else in his short, hard lifethe beauty of an utterly loving, tender, and helpless thing.