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      "Tell me about your dream," she said, after a pause, with her forehead still resting on his hands, and her face hidden. "Was it something very awful?"

      Amidst this crew of good-natured desperadoes Esmeralda grew up. If she had been a princess instead of a waif and stray of a diggers camp, she could not have been more tenderly cared for than she was by Mother Melinda, who lavished upon the child the maternal affection which had been pent up for years; and, as for the diggers, they simply worshiped the child, their pride and delight in her knowing no bounds. It was true that Varley Howard had won her, and was by right of acquisition her adoptive father: but the whole camp also adopted her, and evinced their pride in her by votive offerings of the most extravagant kind.

      "I feel very sure you will be pleased with her when you and she get upon intimate terms. You could know so little of her from that one evening in the Cavendish Road."I am very glad you are pleased, said Lilias. We want you to be very happy while you are here, and I hope you will be, Miss Chetwynde.

      Trafford looked round with a smile of satisfaction and anticipation.


      Trafford again glanced at his uncle, and again Lord Selvaine refused to respond, but continued to gaze blandly at the fire. The duke leaned back, and resumed, moving his white hand to and fro.


      "What day is it?" she asked faintly, looking round the familiar room, as if she had never seen it before.