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      Halloo, Traff! Here you are at last! said a boyish voice.

      An yet, somehow, said Taffy, under his breath, I shouldnt a-been sorry if thered been a line or two this post, so as I could have got the bulge on Ed-er-ward. It ud a-shown him that Ralda aint so mean as to forget old friends, as he and some other mutton-heads may suppose.

      "I don't claim to be good. But there's one thing, Nan Callender, I never did; I never chained up my lover to see if he'd stay chained. When Steve--"That girl! she said. A girl from the wilds; a nobody; a vulgar parvenue! Her hands were clinched to her side; her breath came fast; her blue eyes flashed like fire.

      "Nan Callender, look me in the eye! You can't! My little sister, you've got a lot more sense than I have, and you know it, but I can tell you one thing. When Steve and I--"

      Two millions! echoed Trafford, grimly.


      There was a large crowd outside, and as the bride emerged upon her husbands arm, it cheered vociferously, and some children from Belfayre, who had been brought to London, scattered flowers upon her path.


      Pears to me she dont write as often as she might, remarked one of the players. Dessay shes amost forgot us allforgot as there ever was such a dog-darned place as Three Star.