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      Slowly, unconsciously, she began to feel a kind of pleasure in having him near her, in listening to his musical voice, even in looking at his grave, handsome face. She did not know that love was growing, growing up within her heart. Did not know it even when he ran up to town for a few days, and she missed him, and felt as if something had gone out of her life.Nothingnothing! she responded, with a quick little breath. How delightful of you to come back just at this moment, Norman. How well youre looking! She turned to Trafford. I will tell her you are here, she said in a low voice. I dont know whether she can come down; she is dressing.

      Lady Ada laughed.

      "I meant to go back to London and hard work, but my doctor insisted upon my prolonging my holiday for a few weeks, so I came here instead. Rome always draws me, and is always new. Rome gives me fresh life and fresh power when my heart and brain have been feeling benumbed and dead. I am glad they brought you here, Mrs. Disney. You were looking languid and ill when you left San Remo. I hope Rome has revivified you."

      "You did not expect to see me here," he said, holding out his hand.He went and knelt beside her, and touched her arm entreatingly. She sprung to her feet, and away from him.


      You are, he said; and though he spoke gravely, something in his voice deepened the color in her face.


      She said no more, but went softly to the piano, and played the Chopin which he loved, and which she knew would soothe him. She had understood him ever since they had been children together, and her comprehension of all his moods was quickened by her sisterly love. While she was playing, a footma[97]n entered to say that Mr. Helby was in the library. As Trafford left the room he bent over her, and whispered:Yes, she was better, gayer, and more activemore like the girl-wife whom Martin Disney had carried home to[Pg 226] Cornwall, prouder than Tristram when he sailed away with Irish Isolt.


      "There is a kind of open-air manner which suggests truthfulness," admitted Mr. Colfox. "Yet there have been dark deeds done by sailors; there have been black sheep even in the Queen's Navee. However, I believe Captain Hulbert is worthy of your good opinion. I have never heard anybody speak against him, and the old people who knew him as a lad seem to have liked him better than Lord Lostwithiel."I dont know, said Esmeralda; and she wondered whether she ought to be.