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      Chapter 4"D?an't you go vrothering him, lad. It'll only set him ag?unst you, and I d?an't care, not really; there'll be unaccountable liddle work to do in the house now your poor f?ather's gone, and Blackman w?an't be eating wud us. Besides, as he said, I'll find the days a bit slow wud naun to occupy me."

      "Reckon he ishe saw how we envied Richard.""Yes, but d?an't m?ake him angryhe might beat you."

      "She's got a hundred a year, and that 'ud m?ake our fortunes at Odiam."

      "That's no consarn of mine?un't you s?aved anything?"

      "There's eggs...."




      "We go together," she said at last "Two go where one has gone. Only so do I leave at all."


      "No, noget away," and Naomi once more caught up Fanny to her breast.