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      As he said this the commander put his hand roughly on the shoulder of the trembling man, who again said in French:

      to college and my books--I believe that I really am a student;Between the cliff-walls of the defile, in a sort of bay, stands Ali Musjid, a little white mosque where travellers tarry to pray.

      I shall throw myself into the silo pit out of sheer desperation.

      In the centre of the town I was detained by three sailors, who called out an angry "Halt!" seized my bicycle, and made me a prisoner, "because I was an Englishman." Happily I could prove the contrary by my papers; and the permit of the Bruges commander to go about on a bicycle made them return it.Rising from the highest point of the hill the huge tomb of Aurungzeeb the Greatmore huge in the darknessstood out clearly, a black mass, its bulbous dome against the sky. Flocks of goats and sheep came clambering along the ridge to shelter for the night in the recesses of its walls. Then, one by one, the lights died out. Infinite calm brooded over the scene; a very subtle fragrance, as of rose and verbena, seemed to rise from the ground and scent the still air; and over the motionless earth swept enormous black bats in silent flight, with slow, regularly-beating wings.

      We've accepted, so please don't object, Daddy dear.

      I spent three hours in the small room with my silent companions. At last I was called, and appeared once more before the casual court-martial.The only purpose of my publication was to convince everybody of this, and thereby prevent the repetition of such a scandalous scene.


      When De Tijd sent me to Belgium as its correspondent, I had not the faintest notion practically how to perform my duties, for the simple reason that I could not apprehend at all how a modern war might be conducted. But I was destined to receive my first impressions when still on Netherland[1] territory and after my arrival at Maastricht. CHAPTER VI


      The Countess turned on her heel, and disappeared. A moment later, and she was back with the glittering stream of fire in her hand.


      The old palace of the kings is now yellow-ochre, coated with plaster and lime-wash over the splendid antique marble walls.