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      The Restoration was received with rapture by her and most of her family, not even La Fayette himself holding aloof from the welcome to the King.

      Soldiers, bristling with daggers and pistols in their belts, are on guard at the gate. Pikes and long muskets stand piled in the background; over this arsenal, flowering jasmine and convolvulus with enormous bell flowers hang their graceful shade.

      It is Mlle. Mars! Embracing each other with joy, they arranged to meet the following day, and Mlle. Mars presented herself accordingly at the Palais Royal, where they spent the morning talking of old times and of present circumstances. Mlle. Mars was not very happy where she now lived, and Flicit succeeded in placing her as governess to the children of the Princess Louise de Cond, meanwhile seeing her every day. She married soon afterwards."Do you want very much to see her?" asked Isola.

      DERWAL Frederick William.



      The prison of the Carmes was a very different abode to Port Libre, and it was just at its worst time, but still Trzia used afterwards to declare that she, after a time, got accustomed to the horrors of the prison. The constant presence of death made them more and more callous, and they would play games together like children, even enacting the scenes of execution which they had every prospect of going through in reality. Their room, or cell, looked out into the garden, through a grating, into which, however, they could not go; a single mattress in a corner served for their bed.You wouldnt believe, she said to Lisette, who came to see her at eight oclock one evening, and found her alone, that I have had twenty people to [153] dinner to-day? They all went away directly after the coffee.


      The following song, one of the many circulating at the time, is a specimen of the least objectionable of its kind: