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      "You should have looked to Victorine. She wants the boy to go and her dad to go with him."

      I am Esmeralda of Three Star Camp, she said; that is all."Then, on my honor as a Southern soldier, if he will stay by them and us as far as Camp Moore, to Kincaid's Battery they shall go. But, ladies--"

      Again marched Continentals, Chasseurs, and so on. Yet not as before; all their ranks were of new men; the too old, the too frail, the too young, they of helpless families, and the "British subjects." Natives of France made a whole separate "French Legion," in red kpis, blue frocks, and trousers shaped like inverted tenpins, as though New Orleans were Paris itself. The whole aspect of things was alert, anxious, spent.

      "Why, Miss Anna, if I were a woman, and any man--with war coming on--could endure to hang back at home for love of me, I should feel--"


      Is there no coach, no vehicle, to take me? asked Trafford.


      "I've never advised any one against it, Anna."


      He has gone out, my lord. Im afraid the duke is not coming here again this evening. I heard him tell the cabman to drive to Waterloo.