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      Trafford went straight from Eaton Square to his club. He had had the worst quarter of an hour in his life, and felt extremely unhappy, and as if he were a brute and a monster of the cruelest type. And yet he knew that he had done the right thing, and he tried to console himself with the reflection that he had behaved as became a gentleman and a man of honor; but Ada Lancings face, lined with agony, and her voice broken and wailing, haunted him.Im glad to know that, said Varley; it simplifies matters.

      "I like to believe in ghosts," said Isola, gently. "But I thank God those that I love are still in this life."

      Again the sudden flame crimsoned her face, that sensitive spiritual face which reflected every change of feeling.



      Oh! Shirley is a little further on, said Trafford. Lady Wyndover looked up from the fire at which she was toasting her toes.


      Im very glad to see you, Miss Chetwynde. I hope you have forgiven me for not being present to receive you, but I am an old man, and am obliged to hoard my strength. Trafford has told me a great deal about you, and I am very, very pleased to see you. It is very kind of you to leave London and come to us, and I hopeI do hopethat you will not find it dull. We will do our best to amuse you and make you forget all that you lose by coming to us.Martin shook hands with her on the door-step, and she stood watching him till he disappeared at the turn of the road. She watched him with a countenance full of sorrow.


      "A riverderci," said the priest, grasping his hand. "I felicitate you upon this day's union; a happy one, or I am no judge of men and women."