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      1757, 1758.Even lovers must come back to earth. Pen drew away from him. "The dawn will surprise us," she murmured.

      [75] La Jonquire l'vque de Qubec, 14 Juin, 1750. Mmoire du Roy pour servir d'Instruction au Comte de Raymond, commandant pour Sa Majest l'Isle Royale [Cape Breton], 24 Avril, 1751."Where did you get it?" she demanded.

      "I had a legacy," said Pen demurely. Her father frowned.FOOTNOTES:

      A hope had dawned on the governor. He had been more active of late in negotiating than in fighting, and his diplomacy had prospered more than his arms. It may be remembered that some of the Iroquois entrapped at Fort Frontenac had been given to their Christian relatives in the mission villages. Here they had since remained. Denonville thought that he might use them as messengers to their heathen countrymen, and he sent one or more of them to Onondaga with gifts and overtures of peace. That shrewd old politician, Big Mouth, was still strong in influence at the Iroquois capital, and his name was great to the farthest bounds of the confederacy. He knew by personal experience the advantages of a neutral 171 position between the rival European powers, from both of whom he received gifts and attentions; and he saw that what was good for him was good for the confederacy, since, if it gave itself to neither party, both would court its alliance. In his opinion, it had now leaned long enough towards the English; and a change of attitude had become expedient. Therefore, as Denonville promised the return of the prisoners, and was plainly ready to make other concessions, Big Mouth, setting at naught the prohibitions of Andros, consented to a conference with the French. He set out at his leisure for Montreal, with six Onondaga, Cayuga, and Oneida chiefs; and, as no diplomatist ever understood better the advantage of negotiating at the head of an imposing force, a body of Iroquois warriors, to the number, it is said, of twelve hundred, set out before him, and silently took path to Canada.

      Finally the young man said politely: "I came to see if I could get some butter and eggs."



      [21] Mandement ordonnant de fermer l'glise des Rcollets, 13 Mai, 1694.


      Dinwiddie and Washington ? Brigadier Forbes ? His Army ? Conflicting Views ? Difficulties ? Illness of Forbes ? His Sufferings ? His Fortitude ? His Difference with Washington ? Sir John Sinclair ? Troublesome Allies ? Scouting Parties ? Boasts of Vaudreuil ? Forbes and the Indians ? Mission of Christian Frederic Post ? Council of Peace ? Second Mission of Post ? Defeat of Grant ? Distress of Forbes ? Dark Prospects ? Advance of the Army ? Capture of the French Fort ? The Slain of Braddock's Field ? Death of Forbes.[16] Rev. John Emerson to Wait Winthrop, 26 July, 1690. Emerson was the minister of Gloucester. He begs for the release of the impressed men.