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      The woman came from the bedside occasionally, but always with the same report: Esmeralda was still unconscious.

      Nono! said Norman in a kind of despair. You neither of you understand! and he laid his hand upon Varleys arm; but Varley shook it off as he turned, and walked to his horse.I dont care anything about the breakfast, he said. I must catch that train; and, look here, he added, dont say anything about the telegram. Just say that Ive gone up to town, and that Ill write.

      Her head drooped.

      And no wonder, retorted her husband, with a yawn. Shes the most beautiful young woman I have ever seen, present company excepted, my dear, and his marriage has pulled Belfayre out of the mire and set it on its legs again. Devoted! I should think so! He has reason, as the French say.

      Her emotion seemed touching and charming to him. Notwithstanding all the adulation she had received, she was still a simple, tender-hearted girl, this bride-elect of his. He could not help thinking that Ada Lancing, however she might have valued the gift, would never have dreamed of wearing it on her wedding-day.Thursday, said Norman. It is not many hours to wait. I suppose we must wait?

      You do her an injustice, Ada, he said. She sets no value on the title or the position. No one could think less of it than she does.

      Adas hand, as it hung at her side, could feel the sharp edge of Normans letter in her pocket. Should she take it out and give it to him? She glanced at his face covertly, and its haggardness encouraged her. She had heard him say that he had not seen Esmeralda. They were still apart, wherever she might be; he still thought her guilty. She would keep the letter from him and trust to chance. Fate seemed to be playing the game for her still.




      He drew back, so that his face was in the shadow of a palm.